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Hi, I'm Bess (she/they)! As I have had the amazing fortune to work more and more in DC and Baltimore, my love the collaborative nature of theater has bloomed. Acting is my first love, but working as a Fight and Intimacy Director has been exceptionally rewarding as the theater community works toward making this intimate art form more inclusive and consent forward. 

I received my MFA in Classical Acting from the Academy at STC and my goal is to work on all 37 of Shakespeare's plays. Fortunately, I got to perform in Pericles as part of my graduate studies and this spring I added King Lear to the list assisting Fight Director, Robb Hunter.

You can frequently find me teaching Stage Combat at Fairfax County Public Schools or at the Noble Blades in Herdon, VA.


Height: 5'5"

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

About Me

Acting Training
Stage Combat/Intimacy Training

MFA in Classical Acting | The Shakespeare Theater at GWU

Voice and Speech: Lisa Beley

Text: Alec Wild

Mask: Dody DiSanto, Isabelle Anderson

Acting: Ed Gero, Floyd King

Combat: Robb Hunter

BA Theatre Arts | College of William & Mary

Society of American Fight Directors: Unarmed, Broadsword, Rapier & Dagger, Sword & Shield, Knife, Quarterstaff, Single Sword, Theatrical Firearms Safety

Fight Direction: Lewis Shaw, J. David Brimmer, Robb Hunter, Casey Kaleba

Intimacy for Stage: Ashley White, Dan Granke

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